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Sucking Greg Until He Cums Makes Me Feel So Much Pleasure

I met Greg online. I was lonely during the pandemic lock downs and not having gone out for such a long time.

I’ve been in my little bubble. I see my family members, so people at the take out place, grocery store and that’s about it. I haven’t been out to a bar forever. The last time I went out was before Christmas to see a drag show at the area LGBTQ+ bar. It was a blast.

I didn’t realize at the time we’d have a global pandemic and this would be the last time I got to go out and mingle with people in a safe way.

The bars have been reopened, but then they close as the pandemic rages on.

It means I’m a horny tgirl. I’m left all alone at night thinking about sucking cock, but not being able to go out and find some. Well, I could. I’ve noticed the way my neighbor always gives me a smile when I go to check mail. He always goes out of his way to say hi.

But, I have a rule against playing with neighbors. What if it doesn’t go right. I learned that when I was a teenager and working at the grocery store. Don’t play with your coworkers. Unfortunately, I broke that rule all the time. So, my neighbor might get lucky, but still. I like to have my playmates a little further away from. I like my alone time and I get the feeling the guy might want to move in after I give him some mind blowing head and swallow his hot load of cum.

So, I’m saving my mouth for Greg. I want to suck his cock and make him feel so great. I love the feel of a sexy penis in my mouth, my lips moving up and down as I feel it getting hard. I love feeling my man get excited as I work his cock deeper into my throat, then slide back up so I can work his head with my tongue.

I know I am making my man happy when I taste his sweet precum dripping out. That is the best. I don’t know why it turns me on, but something activates in my mind that just gives me a pleasurable high from sucking my man and tasting him.

I love it after I’ve been sucking on his beautiful cock for a while. I can feel him tense up and hear his breathing change as he gets really excited. I love that feeling right before he cums. My anticipation on feeling his warm sperm in my mouth, tasting it and enjoy it as I swallow it.

I don’t suck off everyone, but when I suck off a sexy guy, I always love it so much. I receive a great sense of pleasure from knowing I’ve given my man a great orgasm.

I love other things to, so I’ll write about those in a little while.



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