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Corn Field Four Way

Marissa is wild.

She loves to strip naked and run around the corn fields as soon as they’re tall enough where people won’t see her.

She knows all the spots where she can get naked and play.

I love going with her to her friend’s farm to spend the day running around naked.

Being nude outside is always a thrill.

I love the way the air feels on my skin. And, seeing Marissa’s sexy body is always nice. Usually, we are naked with friends, so it makes it even better.

Marissa calls me and tells me her friend is having a “corn star” party out at his farm. She invites me to come along.

“It’s going to be a steaming hot weekend in the corn,” she whispers to me with her sultry voice. “You want to cum?” She pronounces it “cum.”

How could I resist a call like that?

Marissa picks me up and we have a playful and fun chat while driving over to Rocco’s farm.

I love farms. I think it was because I spent summers in the country when I was in elementary school. Summer was so relaxing, especially in the countryside. There wasn’t much to do except wander around exploring nature.

I always enjoy nature and not having anything on the schedule. Plus, it’s so quiet and peaceful. And, romantic.

Going to Rocco’s brings back those carefree memories.

Marissa guides her truck down the single track path back through the corn to where Rocco’s farm house is. We had to open and close the farm gate at the entrance to the farm, so nobody is going to wander into the party uninvited.

Marissa strips down and jumps up and down with excitement as she hops out of her pickup. There’s something so sexy about a naked woman hoping around her pickup truck in the countryside.

I do the same. I pull off my clothes and throw them in the cab.

The sun on my body feels so great.

I love the warm summer breeze blowing through the corn keeping us from completely burning up in the heat. Rocco has a pool, so after we’re done running around — more likely just lounging and walking around — we can all jump in the pool to cool down and relax there.

So perfect.

I love days like these.

We go over to say hi to Rocco — our sexy farm host.

I notice his huge cock as I’m walking over to him. Rocco is a sexy guy. I’m going to play with Rocco today sometime today. I already can tell the way he’s smiling at me and Marissa. Plus, that’s what we do when we go to Rocco’s parties.

That’s the fun thing about Rocco’s parties.

They always become a fuck fest.

Rocco is talking with one of his friends who also has another sexy dick.

I love seeing everyone’s naked bodies. So sexy. It always makes me feel so sexual around people who are open and free.

Rocco’s friend is Brad. He’s interested in me also. I can tell from the way he is talking to me now. Marissa has gone with Rocco to mingle, leaving me with Brad.

Brad’s cock is pointing at me.

I always love that.

The great thing about being naked is that nobody is able to hide their arousal.

I ask Brad if he wants to talk a walk and explore the corn.

He says yes.

We talk a little walk away from the farm house area. We don’t go all the way to the corn to play. I brought a blanket to spread on the open ground. I tell Brad to lay down so I can give him a nice blow job. Brad says “yes” with gusto. I see he is super excited now. It is making me excited too. I can feel my nipples hardening with excitement.

I lick his long cock and feel it bounce back into place against my licks. The first taste is always fun. I love it because I always wonder what a sexy guy will taste like when I take him into my mouth. Brad tastes great. I love guys who come prepared to play by keeping everything neat and tasty for me.

I kiss Brad’s cock. I love teasing the tip of his head. I can taste his pre-cum welling up from his sexy body. I see him smiling and having fun. I’m going to make sure Brad enjoys himself today.

I also hope some other people see us playing and come over to watch. I’m an exhibitionist like everyone else here at the party. That’s why Rocco invited them over. Everyone wants to fuck and watch others fucking. It’s the best.

I’m taking Brad’s cock deeper into my throat down to his balls. I know he’s enjoying it. It makes me excited feeling his pleasure. Guys always like it when I take their dick deep into my throat.

I hear Rocco and Marissa approaching.

I wonder if they’ll watch, or if they’ll join in.

It’s always fun to have another couple on the blanket playing. Sometimes it’ll turn into a fun orgy. I always love that.

Rocco slaps my ass playfully as I’m still sucking Brad. Marissa kisses Brad hello.

Rocco asks if I want him to fuck my ass. I take a quick break from Brad’s cock to say “hell, yes!” to Rocco.

Rocco lubes me up and starts playing with my ass to get me ready for his big dick coming in for a visit. I am even more excited. I love sucking, but sucking and getting fucked at the same time is the best. Marissa is still kissing Brad and playing with his nipples. Everyone is having fun right now.

Rocco is making me feel things I haven’t felt for a while. He is a skilled man. He knows where to hit my prostate so that I feel like I want to cum. Maybe he’ll get me to cum right when I get Brad to cum in my mouth.

Brad is sucking Marissa’s cock also. I love having both breasts and a dick and being feminine. I know it bothers some, but I’ve always enjoyed it. The guys I play with are also into my breasts and cock. Brad is showing that by taking Marissa’s beautiful cock into his mouth as well. She’s a beautiful trans woman. Being pan is nice because I appreciate both men’s and women’s bodies.

I love playing with women also. There’s nothing better than licking a sexy woman who loves oral sexy. My last girlfriend loved three ways where her boyfriend would cum in her and I’d clean her up by licking her vagina.

It is so hot.

I feel Brad start to tense up. He’s going to cum. I am getting more excited also. Thinking about Brad’s load of sperm shooting into my mouth is making me want to cum. Rocco is also doing a good job massaging my prostate, so I’m going to cum soon also. I’m going to hold it until Brad cums so I can cum at the same time. It will be so epic. If Rocco cums when we all cum, it will be something we’ll talk about for years to come. I hope he’s paying attention because I’d love to feel his cum in my ass as I taste Brad’s while my sperm is squirting out on Brad.

Now, if Brad can make Marissa cum at the same time, it would be like a porn movie. That would be the greatest. I’m holding out hope she’ll cum in Brad’s mouth as we all simultaneously cum.

I taste Brad. The second I feel and taste his cum, I let go and feel my orgasm wave through my body. It is almost religious feeling an orgasm with a cock in my ass. I feel Rocco squirt his load in my ass. Now, I’m floating. Sex gives me a natural high sometimes when it’s intense like that. I see Marissa’s face smiling and know Brad has his own load donated by his sexy trans friend.

I motion for Brad to give me a kiss. There’s nothing better to kiss while everyone’s mouth is full of cum. It is a huge turn on. I’ll kiss Rocco and Marissa after I’m doing making out with Brad for a little bit.

I’m going to remember this for a while. I’m feeling so great. Every pleasure center in my body has had some sort of play tonight.

I lay back and enjoy kissing Brad.

This is heaven out in a field on a summer day.

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