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Fucking Lance After His Lap Dance

Lance’s Lap Dance

I got him excited, then went back to his hotel

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I remember being afraid the first time I was set to take the stage at the trans strip club.

Would people like me?

What would they do?

Would I earn any money?

One of the older — I mean more experienced — dancers said, “Any attention is fine attention. Negative attention is fine. You don’t want them to ignore you,” she said.

I understood what she meant. I’ve had people make comments to me before. I’m trans, so that comes with the territory. It doesn’t happen a lot. Why would you spend good money for a cover, then be stupid about being around trans women? Unless, you were pretty stupid.

Some guy will say something witty like, “You’re trans!”

I always say “thanks!”

If they are just being an asshole, I’ll have their ass bounced out of the club. All of the admirers will want to make up for the asshole, so the universe balances out the world on its own in that way.

The worst to be ignored.

I hate having everyone looking everywhere in the club, except at me. Ordering drinks with their backs to the stage, or sitting at the tables talking with the other trans women dancers, or the worse, watching sports on the television.

I admit I have my narcissistic tendencies.

“Look at me, dammit!”


If I didn’t want people to look at me, to want me, to desire me, to worship me, I wouldn’t be stripping for dollars. I don’t know about other dancers since I’m not in their heads, but I want to be lusted after and I want to earn some money.

And, I want to have some fun too. I want someone to fuck me every so often. Give me some good dick. I love sucking down on a nice hard cock. And, maybe getting fucked after making my guy for the night hard and excited.

I love it when a guy sets up front at pervert’s row and is lusting after my ass. I love the interaction. Seeing him want me so badly.

Just staring at me. Wanting a piece of me. Wanting me naked. Wanting to have sex with me. Wanting to fuck me like an animal.

I’ll have to have the DJ play some Nine Inch Nails tonight. There’s some subliminal marketing right there.

I know what guys want.

Or, at least the ones who want me.

They want to fuck.

They are usually too polite or scared to ask, though.

That is the thing that amazes me the most.

Everyone thinks guys are all powerful and dominant in the world, but anytime there are scantily clad women dancing around, the guys are mesmerized and docile. They are usually well behaved. Some might want to touch — but that’s okay. If I tell him to behave (and get a private dance), he’ll be good.

I love that kind of attention.

I want a man to show that he’s interested in me. I don’t mind a little shyness also. I always think it is cute when he’s a little nervous. Maybe it’s his first time and blood is flowing everywhere in new and stimulating ways that he isn’t used to feeling. Adrenaline coursing through his mind at the excitement. And, I know guys have their trans woman fetishes.

I remember one night when Lance stopped by the club. He must have driven over from a job downtown because he was wearing a suit and tie. That wasn’t unusual, but I’ve noticed these days, even the higher paid guys are dressing more casually in t-shirts and jeans. When a guy comes in dressed up all fine in a nicely cut suit, it is so sexy.

Here’s a sex tip, guys.

Get a nice suit.

It doesn’t have to be super expensive or anything. But, a nice suit is sexy. You know how you feel when you see me in lingerie? That’s how I feel when I see a sexy guy looking all hot in a suit.

I feel the same way about women too — I love a woman in a business skirt, blouse and a blazer. And, heels. So, sexy.

Everyone should wear a suit when they want to fuck me, dammit!

But, I’ll still fuck even if you are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That’s always hot too.

There is something sexy about a powerful business person. It’s probably all the capitalistic propaganda that has filled my head throughout the years, but I’m a capitalist.

If I was religiously inclined and had a fetish for the garb, I’d be hot about monks’ robes and pope hats and the like. I guess protestant preachers wear suits. So, come one down and save me wearing your Sunday best, sexy.

Now that I’ve let you know who I like to fuck with — just about anyone, really — I’ll share a sexy story with you.

So Lance was from out of town and saw our electronic billboard ad when he was driving into the city from the airport. It’s nice of us to be located conveniently near a major airport in a huge city. Stop on by if you’re on a layover or in town, sexy.

Anyway, Lance came into the club after he was done with his sales meetings. I guess he had done well for himself, because he was looking to celebrate his success. I always love a successful man. I love men who aren’t so successful. What the hell, I love all men.

So, Lance was in the club and I was up on the stage. I had the DJ play some D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” since I love that song and it makes me hot. I know it makes all the men hot too.

Listen to this ultra sexy song and don’t tell me it doesn’t scream good sex to you? I know it got Lance nice and hard.’Angelo, “Untitled (How Does It Feel), YouTube video.

I’m slowly swaying on the stage, looking sexy and hoping Lance is liking it. It’s holding his drink and watching me intently. I see Lance moving with the song and looking like he’s feeling pretty good.

He came up to the stage and held a dollar bill out for me. I danced around a little so he could see my butt a little bit, then made my way to him to get his dollar tip. I held up the side of my g-string so he could slip it under. His fingers lingered on my thigh and slid down my leg.

I whispered in his ear that I wanted to give him a dance after I was off the stage. He said “yes” enthusiastically and took a seat at the front row so he could look up at me and my legs. I made sure to tease him with my heels and to squat down so that my knees are right at his eye level. I love doing that.

I finish my set and exit the stage.

I make a quick round to collect tips from all the guys watching at the bar and at the tables. A lot of dancers forget to do that. Guys will tip most of the time if you stop by, say hi and thank them for being there. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask them if they want a lap dance later. I’m dancing with Lance next, but I need to get my dance card lined up with some dances since that’s my money making opportunity in the club.

I strut back over to Lance like I’m Tyra and take his hand and guide him back to the VIP area for his dance. I lean over and tell him I’m glad he’s here tonight. I am. I always make sure to take a quick sip of peppermint schnapps since I’m going to be all up close and right on top of Lance in a minute or two.

I dabbed my vanilla scent on earlier. I love the way I smell like a sweet cookie. I know the guys always love it too.

I’m grinding on Lance and feel his cock harden. I tease him with my hands just a little. I don’t want to get in trouble, but I can put them on his thighs in such a way that he knows I’m interested in him without crossing any lines.

It’s too bad we weren’t more liberal like Europe where people weren’t so puritanical about sex because I know I’d have even more fun at work. But, we are, so it is what it is.

I’m going to get Lance to take me out to his hotel, though. I’m not a pro or an escort, but I’m pro-sex. I love sucking and getting fucked. It’s a side benefit that I get to meet guys who are sexually stimulated by me at the club.

I finish my three dances with Lance and make sure to get his hotel information. He’s going to hang out at the club until we close, but in case he wants to leave, I can meet up with him later. He’s down the road at the airport, so it’s a nice thing the club is where it is.

I close out my bar tab — I have to pay for my drinks, so I usually have the guys buy them for me — and cash out. Part of my tips go to the house to pay for the bouncer and DJ.

I’m over at Lance’s room overlooking Terminal Two. There’s something sexy about fucking while airplanes are taking off and landing. I’m always excited about travelling. Just going someplace new and exciting always makes me happy.

I take Lance’s big cock into my mouth and get him hard. He’s already almost there just having me near him, but I love making him really hard and excited. I love it when I taste his precum. There’s something that is always nice about the little foreshadowing of the mouth load of cum that is to come later after I’ve had my lips on his cock for a while.

I love taking him deep into my throats. I know he’s enjoying it. I feel his hands gently on my head helping to push me just a little deeper onto his shaft. I used to not enjoy it when I was younger, but if I guy is experienced and not too rough, it’s enjoyable to have him guide my head on his cock.

I feel him getting more excited. I can hear him breathing a little hard. His sexy ass is tightening up a little bit. I want him to cum in my mouth. I love having a mouth full of cum.

I think porn made guys want to see cum dripping out of trans women’s mouth, so I let a little drip onto my breasts, swallow his load then clean up my breasts and nipples by licking them.

I see Lance is very happy now.

I’m going to wait before I let Lance fuck me.

I want to come back tomorrow since I know he’s still in town. And, I want him to come visit me at the club.

If I fuck tonight, he might decide to do something else tomorrow.

Plus, I like him.

He’s sexy.

But, I like the idea he’ll soon be on a plane, flying away to his regular life, leaving me to have fun here and to think about him from time to time.

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