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I Love Your Sexy Dick!

I Love Your Dick

Get over here fast. I’m hungry for your cock.

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I’m hungry for your cock

I have been at home all day writing. Thinking about you. Missing you. Wanting you. I really wish you were here to see me naked. Just sitting here in my chair massaging my breasts and wishing your dick was in my mouth.

I love sucking your dick. You know it. That’s why I always love it when you come over. I love unzipping your pants and watching your magnificent member stand at attention. So fucking sexy, baby! It makes me tingle in anticipation.

I get high from being around you. You do that to me. How do you have that super power over me. I just can’t stop thinking about ways to please you. During the day when I’m working, part of my mind is thinking how nice it would be to have you with me. Both of us could be in bed, naked, touching each other. Tasting each other. Licking each other. Making each other feel so great.

Your dick is so nice. It is just right for me. Like it was specially made to fit into me perfectly. You always hit my right spots, baby. You have some powerful sex skills. I think that’s why you’ve made me into a sex addict for you.

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Your dick tastes so good!

I love taking your dick into my mouth. Licking the first precum is so special. I love the way you taste. It makes me so excited thinking about when you’ll eventually cum and I can taste and swallow it. But, I want to take my time with you. I like it when we can play for a while. And, I love it when you cum a couple of times. I like it when we have a nice long uninterrupted time for us to just play with each other.

How did you get to be so skilled? I bet all of your other friends love it when you put your sexy cock in their mouth. I’m an open minded woman, so I’m cool if you have other girlfriends who like to appreciate your sexiness. It makes me happy to know that you always cum and give your cock to me. You might play with them, but I know you love me baby.

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Do you like threesomes, sexy?

I would love to have a threesome with you and one of your friends. Maybe you have another woman friend who would be down to play with us. I think it would be so hot for you to have two women playing with you. Tag teaming, or just sucking your cock at the same time. Maybe she could lick your balls while I take your sexy shaft into my throat. Of, it could be the other way around. You could play with both of our tits. I always love having a sex party. If you want to do that baby, just let me know. I want to have a threesome with you.

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I love massaging your sexy body

I know you work hard, my sexy stud. That’s why I love massaging your strong back and legs to make sure you are relaxed after a long day working. I want you to feel like my king. I’ll be your queen. We can have our own sexual kingdom.

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I want you in me!

I want your manhood in me. I want to feel your hardness and excitement. I dream of it every nice. Having your dick inside my horny body. I love it so much. I also want you to cum inside me. I love feeling your warm cum spurting into me. I want to feel it drip out of me later on. So sexy. Just having a pair of panties with cum dripping out of my body. Knowing it came from my sexy man. I love it so much. I love you so much, baby.

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I want to swallow your cum, baby

I tell you all the time I love swallowing your sexy dick. I always want you to know that. I want your sperm in my throat. I want to taste it. Enjoy it. Savor it. It’s my way of showing you how much I love you. I love all of you. I love you so much I want your cum to be a part of me. It’s so special knowing that a part of you will always be a part of me. So fucking hot baby. We are one in a special way like that. Your cum is your special gift to me. And, I want to taste it all the time. I want you to bring your cock to me and feed me your steaming hot cum. I am getting so hot writing this. I can feel my hormone raging. I need to have you, sexy.

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What do you want to do?

Let me know what you want to do, sexy. Leave me a note or a comment. I love getting little love letters with suggestions. Maybe I can write up something special for you, if you want to give me a special writing prompt. Maybe you have something you like. Tell me, baby, because I want to know what’s in your dirty sexy mind. I love stimulating you. I know you like to jerk off and I want you to be thinking about my mouth and my body when you’re touching yourself. It makes me so hot knowing your out there stroking your dick thinking about me. I want to hear all about it!


Don’t be shy sexy. Leave me a reply or two with what’s on your mind. Maybe we can start up an erotic role play story. I’d love knowing that I’m writing about a sexy man. Just reach out and touch me, sexy!


Lick, lick, kiss,

Love you, sexy,

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