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Sex with the Leopard Club Dancers in the Champagne Suite

Cherie and Kaiti invite me back to their hotel for an after hours party

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The kind of action here at the Leopard Club wouldn’t be be tolerated at the chain-clubs. You know the ones that you see advertised all along the highway everywhere. Those places have rules and professionalism and all of that stuff. It is the Disney-style of strip clubs. That is too boring for me.

I always loved watching Kaiti dance. I remember going into the Leopard Club early. Right after work. Sometimes I got there before things were happening. It was just me, the doorman and the bar tender waiting for the dancers to show up.

Pulling into the parking lot, I noticed things were still slow. I didn’t mind. I liked being one of the few customers in the strip club. It was more fun that way. I got all the attention that way.

Kaiti came strolling into the front door of the Leopard Club wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. She wouldn’t have looked any different than any of the college women at the university a couple of miles down the way. She told me she was paying for college by dancing, but for some reason I didn’t believe her. She did too much cocaine to be able to sit still to study from what I could see.

But, who knows. Maybe that gave her the edge she needed after working the Leopard Club from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and hitting an after party or two when everyone was booted out of the bar by Otto, the bouncer. He was a miserable SOB. He was married to one of the dancers at the club. They say that is a lesson — never get married to a dancer.

Otto got to watch his wife shake her tits and ass and get felt up by dudes in the lap dance room. Since that was the main way they supported their lifestyle of two Harley’s, a 2018 pickup truck that still had a $30,000 note, and their house in the fancy part of town, Otto had to let Cherie do her thing otherwise they’d be in bankruptcy court and having to turn in all of their toys. Cherie loved doing her thing. And, that meant Otto had to close up the bar and wipe everything down while Cherie went out with someone from the bar afterward. She “entertained” those special clients at her own after party that she gave them an invitation to after receiving their money through her cryptocurrency wallet or via old fashioned cash.

Cherie was high tech, but her real job was as old as humankind its self.

It still drove Otto crazy thinking about his wife having sex with other dudes. I could tell by the way he always looked at Cherie while stoking his goatee. His brow furrowed. I knew that look because I had had it before a couple of times. That’s how I learned to not get too attached to any of the dancers at the Leopard Club. They are beautiful, but they are all about one thing many times — getting paid or getting high.

I don’t want to stereotype, though. I purposely come to this particular establishment because of the loose morality. It is rumored the security consultant’s day job is someplace where he can keep trouble away from the joint. That means everything that happens here is “sort of” sanctioned by the city in an unofficial way. That’s the kind of city this is. It’s the place everyone is glad exists, but doesn’t want to necessarily live there.

Kaiti asks me if I want to come to a party she and Cherie are having at a hotel room they have booked tonight.

The kind of action here at the Leopard Club wouldn’t be be tolerated at the chain-clubs. You know the ones that you see advertised all along the highway everywhere. Those places have rules and professionalism and all of that stuff. It is the Disney-style of strip clubs. That is too boring for me.

So, I’m here at the strip club and Kaiti is telling me all of the gossip about the dancers. She’s filling me in with all the stripper politics. I am not really that interested, but it humanizes everyone here. Instead of being goddesses on pedestals, I learn from Kaiti that they are just like you and me. There’s conflict at work. Customers make them upset. All the usual stuff you and I deal with at work, except they have to deal with everything while being topless and in 6-inch heels.

I hear the DJ spin some R&B song and call Cherie to the stage. She comes bouncing up to the stage with her top off having been in the champagne room giving a lap dance or two. Kaiti goes up to help Cherie adjust herself before she heads up on the stage.

I decide to move up to pervert’s row with a handful of singles to pass out to the strippers shaking their asses tonight. It’s slow and the dancers always like the attention. Otherwise they are dancing and not making any money if nobody is stuffing dollars into their garter. I’d think about trying to slide a dollar into Cherie’s thong, but I can feel Otto’s gaze burning a hole in my head. Dudes shouldn’t be working at the strip club where their wife works. It is a recipe for disaster or divorce.

Otto isn’t built to be married to a dancer. Or, at the very least, he shouldn’t be working at the club. He’s wound too tight. I can see the gears in his mind twisting and turning thinking about what Cherie does when she is out escorting after an evening at the Leopard.

The truth is that Cherie’s exploits probably aren’t that exciting. It’s usually a lonely businessman in town looking for some diversion from a lonely night in his hotel room. The sex is usually pretty quick. The guys just want to cum quickly. Cherie enjoys the attention, but she usually ends up just talking with them for a little bit. Maybe she gives them a blow job or they decide on full service. It’s a job to her. She gets a little rush now and then, but it’s no different that going into the shop and selling a bunch of groceries to hungry people.

Cherie is into her third song, so she’s already stripped down and doing her thing. She loves to ribbon dance. It’s her claim to fame. It is like one of those fancy Las Vegas shows. She’s all twisted in her ribbons floating over the stage to a Beyonce song like a fairy princess. It’s pretty hot and it always gets everyone’s attention. She only does ribbon dancing on the last song though.

I’ve been at the club for a couple of hours. I’m trying not to spend my whole paycheck tonight with the dancers, but they are making it hard. Kaiti has been hanging out with me. She’s always good company and I enjoy spending time with her when she isn’t busy hustling lap dances or spinning on the pole up at the stage.

Kaiti asks me if I want to come to a party she and Cherie are having at a hotel room they have booked tonight. I didn’t have to think too long. I’m a sucker for beautiful women. “Sure,” I tell her. “Let’s do it.”

It’s past closing time and Cherie and Kaiti are in my car. We are on our way to the hotel out by the office park. I’ve been there before, so I’m familiar with the suite they’ve rented. It’s the one with the living room / kitchen in front and a bedroom in the back with two double beds. Classy.

We are up in the room and Cherie and Kaiti peel off their clothes. They’ve gone back to their civilian mode — looking like college students in sweats. They did leave their lacy lingerie on. That way it makes it contrast between the scholar look and the vixen a little more striking.

Cherie kisses Kaiti. Kaiti cups her breast and offers it up to Cherie to taste. I’m loving the show these two women are putting on for me. Or, am I just along for the ride and should be glad I was invited to help subsidize their playtime.

Whatever, I’m just glad to be here with these two beautiful dancers who are now on the couch. Kaiti is sitting with her legs over Cherie’s shoulders while she tastes Kaiti’s pussy. I’m sitting on a side chair massaging my dick — it’s getting harder by the second. I can see Kaiti smiling at me every so often between her look of rapture.

Cherie likes to give me a side glance to see how I’m enjoying the show.

This is pretty damn hot.

Cherie asks if I want to have a taste. We switch places. She’s fingering herself while I’m sucking on Kaiti’s yummy clit. This is heaven. I feel Cherie move behind me. She tells Kaiti to lie down on the couch and me to climb up so I can keep licking Kaiti’s pussy. Cherie takes my manhood into her hot mouth.

I almost bust a nut right there. This is so hot. I have to admit I haven’t had a lot of threesomes, so they are always a huge turn on for me.

Cherie tells me to stick my dick into Kaiti after asking her if she wants the be fucked first. She enthusiastically says yes and moves her hips so I can enter her easily. She’s go her legs up on my shoulders now. Kaiti seems to be in the position a lot tonight.

She’s smiling and enjoying herself. I’m loving feeling her wetness and excitement. It is also erotic to have direction from Cherie. She’s our director and cheerleader.

I ask Kaiti if she wants me to cum in her or on her stomach. She whispers “cum in me.” It is super hot. Cherie is still on the side watching, giggling and enjoying herself as Kaiti and I fuck.

I cum in Kaiti and hear and feel her excitement. I turn to Cherie and tell her I’m too wiped out right now to do any more. Cherie tells me it’s no problem. We’re spending the night together, so we still have plenty of time to play.

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