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Gimme That Dick!

I need some hot cock in my mouth

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I’m naked in bed. And, horny as hell. I need your cock in my mouth. I need your hot juices shooting down my throat. Making me feel all girly and sexy.

I love cock. I love sucking it. I love the way I feel you getting excited. I love making you feel so great. When you feel good, it makes me tingle. My nipples get hard. I feel so great. And, loved. And at peace. A nice load of sperm in me does that to me.

I love everything about your cock. I love unzipping your jeans and pulling your cock out of your underwear. I love just looking at your manliness. Seeing your face as I smile looking up at you. It is great to sit on the side of my bed with you standing right in front of me. Your dick pointing at my hot, wet mouth.

I lick my lips. I’m anticipating taking your sexiness onto my lips. I always love that first lick of precum. Your salty-sweet taste. It’s like a creamy butter. It’s my favorite.

I’ll lick you all day, sexy. Just take the tip of your head in my mouth and lick your cock. Every drop of precum that forms, I’ll clean it right off of you, beautiful.

I want you to feel my breasts. My nipples are hard. I love your touch. When you touch me, my skin tingles with ecstasy.

I’m going to let you fuck me, my stud. I want your cock in my ass. But, I love foreplay. I want to work your cock with my lips, tongue and throat for a while. I want to get you nice and excited. Make your balls fill up with cum. I want you to be so excited you’ll shoot your hot manhood in my ass when the time cums. I also want to swallow your hotness as well. I love a bug load in my mouth.

God, I’m getting so hard when I write this. I wish you were here. I love your cock so much. It is perfect for me just as it is. I don’t need anyone else. Just your cock.

But, if you ever wanted to bring a friend, I’d love to suck both of you off. I love doing that. It’s fun to bond with a couple of guys. Sucking one cock, then another. Maybe having a cock in my mouth. Another in my ass. Maybe two in my ass at one time. Or, two cocks in my mouth.

I can get overstimulated by the thought of your hard cock in me while your friend is in me also. Oh, baby. We will have to do that sometime.

Or, maybe we can get some of my trans women friends to play. We can all be your harem.

I’ve been on estrogen for a while now and it makes me so horny. I feel like a teenager, but with the experience I’ve gained throughout the years, I’m ready for some good sex. I have all the love feelings flowing through me. And, I sort of know what I like and am willing to explore and learn more things. I am more open minded and fun the older I get.

I love all sorts of cocks. Small, big, normal sized. Older guys are super hot. I find myself thinking about what it would be like to find myself an older guy to suck off all the time. Just my suck buddy. Make him happy and keep him smiling. The thought makes me feel warm. I’m at my MILF age, so I appreciate a great man who knows about life and how to treat a trans woman. Someone who appreciates taking time and having a nice slow time exploring our bodies. Taking our time. Maybe edging, then backing off, then getting right to the edge of cum exploding all over my tits, then slowing down again.

I’m such a tease. I love getting you hard and excited. Making you drip with your tastiness. I love putting my tongue on your penis to keep it happy. Covering it with my lips to keep it warm. Sliding up and down. Twisting my head just the way you like. Licking all up and down your shaft. Licking your balls. Pressing your taint.

I know you like that pressure right there. It pushes on your prostate. If you ever want, I can put my finger in there and massage your prostate from the inside. With my mouth on your cock. Giving you great suction while massaging your love spot. Making you have the greatest orgasm you’ve had.

I love tasting your hot load spurting into my mouth. If you want to kiss me while I’m loaded up with sperm, I won’t swallow right away. Let me know, baby. I’ll keep a little for you so you can taste as we kiss.

I love feeling your stubble as we kiss. I love your strong hands on my breasts. I love being close to your hot body. I love the way you feel. Your manliness. You are so beautiful.

Where do you want to fuck, sexy? Do you want to go back to your place? Or cum and visit me? I can put on my Christmas lights and make the atmosphere magical. I love turning on my red light. Putting on some music in the background.

Waiting for you makes me excited. I am almost nude. Never always nude. I like being undressed. I like wearing my thigh high stockings. And pink panties. And bra. With something silky on top.

I’m waiting for you to come in the door, beautiful. I’ve left it open just a little so you can come right in. You’ll see me sitting there. Smiling at your handsomeness as you come in.

I love giving you a hug and stripping you down. In my place, I love to get naked. I love stripping my guests. You don’t mind a little nudity, do you?

I love seeing your excitement. I love your hardening cock. I love reaching down and feeling it bulging in your jeans as I hug you and tell you how great you are.

I love our kisses. It’s been a little while. Catching up is always special. The chemistry is there. I feel fired up. I feel the sparks. I feel your masculinity making me so attracted to you. Wanting you. Wanting you in me. Wanting you to fuck me.

But, after we spend quality time with each other. I want to taste your body. I want to lick your pecs and nipples. I know you love that. I can feel it. I feel your cock get harder as I flick my tongue on your little nipples.

I want your cock in me so badly, sexy. Oh. I’m going to feel so girly with it in my ass. I want your hot cum in my ass. I want to feel it inside me. Dripping out of me later on. Feeling so warm and satisfied that my man has deposited his seed inside of me.

I’ve been doing Kegels, sexy. I have been training my ass for you, sexy. When I think about you and remember the taste of your cock, I massage my ass. I love thinking of your dick in my ass as I put my finger in, then another finger, then my dildo, and work myself into a sexual frenzy thinking about your love.

I need your cum in my ass, sexy.

Do you want to give it to me?

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I love kneeling in bed for you, papi. I love calling you that. I love your big masculinity. I love feeling your hardness slapping on my ass. I love when you touch my butt. Moving my cheeks apart so you can see my ass. Feeling the squirt of lube as you get ready to loosen me up for your sexy cock.

I love how it feels when you first enter me. Feeling your cock pushing. Wanting in. Wanting to be enveloped in my ass. I push against you and love how it feels as you enter me. I feel your massive cock sliding into me. Pressing against all my pleasure spots. Making me feel spiritual. It is almost like a drug. I feel relaxed with you inside me. So good. So great. I can stay like this forever. You and me connected. You, my sexy man.

Fucking me so good. Feeling your hardness in me. Working me the right way. You know how to make me feel so good. You are the best, baby. Your cock is perfect for me. If it is yours, it works just right to make me feel great. I love feeling it pressing into me. When you pull out then put it back it, I feel heaven. Something about going back in is so great. I shake with pleasure. I moan. I don’t care someone might hear how great you are.

You make me feel so great.

You and your sexy cock.

You and your beautifulness.

I love how you treat me.

You make me feel so womanly.

I love how you make me feel.

I love that this feels so spiritual.

That I’m floating.

What do you want to do with me?

Let me know, sexy. I want your cock. And, I want it in me. Your hard cock in my mouth. My lips wrapped around your sexy meat. Feeling it getting harder and harder. I love it when I know you’re about to cum. I feel you tense up. Just as I’m about to get a shot of your buttery and salty goodness. I love feeling it in my mouth. Or my ass. Or, both in my ass and my throat.

I am so horny. I wish you were here. I want to know what you want to do with me, baby. Your fantasies turn me on also. I love pleasing you. Making you happy. Doing what you want to do. Pleasing you. Making you cum. Making you feel good. Feeling your excitement. Having you feel so manly. Making me feel so feminine.

I love when you fuck me, sexy. Tell me what you like doing. What you want to do, sexy. Make me feel special, sexy. When you do that, I love making you feel good. Sucking your dick. Tasting your cum. Letting you fuck me. Yummy. I love thinking about your good loving. Your sexy hard cock.

You are perfect the way you are. I love everything about you. You are so sexy. I want you. I want your cock in me. I’m insatiable. I want all of your sperm. I want to taste it. Play with it. Feel it on my breasts. Lick it off my fingers. Wipe it off of my nipples and lick my fingers. Feel it in my ass. Feel it on my back.

Where ever you want to cum on my, sexy. I want you to cover me with cum. I love feeling your white hot sperm on my body. I love when it shoots out. I love seeing your cock spraying me with your love. It feels so good.

Tell me what you want sexy. I want to hear. I love your fantasies. I love thinking about how we can have so much fun.



I really do love that you’ve read this, sexy!

Love you,

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  1. Dang you do know what a man likes…Your stories are some of the best I have had the pleasure of reading. I admit you made me cum….

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