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My First Anal Encounter Was Spiritual

My First Anal Encounter was Spiritual

He fingered me to find me

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How “fingering” a computer could lead to real life fingering

WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE*, I enjoyed spending time on the university’s VAX system. That was our nifty internet system back before it became a household and mobile phone utility.

Everyone online I ran into online was involved in a college or university.

There was a military system somewhere out there, but I wasn’t interested in that.

Usenet newsgroups were coming into fashion as new internet users discovered them.

I commercial activity was outlawed on the university systems. Remember Mark Zuckerburg got called before his campus J board for misusing the computer.

I think something similar happened at our school to computer mis-users, but it might have involved chain saws and physical plant employees using secret underground tunnels below the university president’s house.

Or, I could be combining memories of Casino into my story here.’t mess with the university computer systems administrators

We had tools to make email lists and do all sorts of powerful things (like emailing all of the university computer system users), but people never did that because no one was anonymous on the university system.

No one is anonymous today, but that’s a different story.

When I started out, “spam” wasn’t even a term in use. That would be a year after I had graduated from my undergraduate programs. And, the “spam” label was applied to unwanted usenet newsgroup messages, not email.

I was the best because it was a nicely curated collection of people who made any sapiosexual hard as hell. People online back in the all monochrome text days were cunning linguists who knew how to paint pictures with their words.

*I’m not using names, domains and making things somewhat vague to protect people’s privacy.This was also about 29 years ago, so I don’t remember any names.

It was our version of Tinder back in the ancient times of the early 1990s.

I spend many hours reading my political science assignments while monitoring a VAX-connected computer to spice things up. I had two main ways of chatting back in those days: Bitnet and IRC.

Our local people always liked to send Bitnet messages.

You never knew who might “finger” you and send a racy message if they thought your status message sent out the right signals, or that you were just horny and up for some random casual sex.

This was back when the internet had few pictures and was all text. You knew the name of the person on the other side of the Bitnet message because of the way the university computer accounts were set up, but there wasn’t a “facebook” to let you know what your chat partner looked like. That was always exciting.

People had to have good verbal skills or find someone horny to get their attention.

It wasn’t like these days where there are hundreds of profiles available to select from. If you wanted to get down, you had to make a decision from maybe one or two people who were down to fuck.

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Studying hard? Need a study break?

IT USUALLY DIDN’T TAKE LONG to get a message or two from someone wanting to get a blow job or give one. The hook ups were equal opportunity. I also met women online who were fun to hang out too.

Sometimes instructors would send Bitnet messages that were somewhat racy but left enough plausible deniability. I never had anyone I knew, but I did get messages from people outside of my department every so often asking if I “was studying hard” and other double entendres.

If you replied, I’m studying hard, but need to relax or something to that effect, maybe you could hook up with a graduate student.

I never did.

Grad students scared me when I was an undergraduate.

I don’t know why they did, but back then a year or two more experience in anything was intimidating to me. I figured I knew hardly anything and they knew all. I discovered the feeling remains the same as you age. I always realized someone else knew more than me, but that was fine. I could always learn something from them that would enhance my life.

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Grad students knew things I didn’t know and was afraid to learn.

Sexy sapiosexuals make me horny

I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ONLINE, while I was reading for classes. I sort of knew who was DTF because they usually would send a message asking if I needed a blowjob if they saw me online

I didn’t always take them up on their offers, but there were a couple of times when I did wander down to a computer lab to say hi and see what someone looked like.

People were actually always sexy.

I find all people sexy, so that could be my bias, but everyone I met, male and female, had something attractive about them. Maybe it was because they liked sex and I liked sex. There was always chemistry between people who could figure out how to communicate using the VAX system.

It was our Greek system for the sapiosexuals.

Instead of keg parties, we met up after reading several hours of homework so we could try to get course honors.

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I love feeling cum in my mouth and swallowing my man

FOUND SOMEONE who wanted to hook up who convinced me to try anal for the first time. My usual sexual routine was to get and give a blow job. It was always fun to wrap my lips around a sexy cock for the first time.

I love feeling it get hard in my mouth and knowing the guy was having a great time by feeling his excitement.

I always loved to run my tongue up and down an erect shaft to get sweet pre-cum flowing. Then, I’d lightly kiss the head and gently suck away the bead of pre-cum. I love sucking cock.

The best is feeling my guy cum in my mouth. There is nothing more intimate than knowing that I’ve given someone an orgasm. I love looking up into their eyes as they shoot their hot load into my throat. I always like to please by swallowing their cum.

I always have loved cum since the first time I sucked a cock and got surprised by a quick cum shot in my mouth.

I had been planning to let the guy bust his nut someplace other than my mouth, but he prematurely ejaculated.

It turned out to be a great thing.

I found out I really love someone cumming in my mouth.

If I haven’t had a cock for a while, I find myself fantasizing about giving blow jobs. Maybe going down to the bar and finding someone who needs to empty a several day load in my mouth.

It’s always fun.

(Note: Always be safe and follow safe sex practices. Check with your physician about PrEP and other ways to protect yourself if you like certain sexual activities that might expose you to STIs, such as raw anal or uncovered oral.)

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Anal anticipation

MY FIRST ANAL SEX encounter was mind-blowing. I met a guy online through the school’s computer who was willing to guide me through my first time.

I drank a little to get loosened up because I have to admit I was excited, but also afraid.

A guy was coming to my apartment to teach me why anal sex is so mind blowing!

I knew I was in for a treat, but I was also scared. I was in a LGBTQ friendly place in a red state.

Anal sex was a one-way ticket to hell, according to some.

That made it more exciting to me, for some reason. The effort to scare people away from sensuality failed to work on me, but it did cause me anxiety.

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Would my guy be too rough for my first time? The anticipation builds.

Spirituality through anal orgasm

THE BIG NIGHT WAS HERE. The guy was in my apartment. I was relaxed from a beer or two. He gave me some kisses and hugs to relax me, then told me to lay down in my bed.

Whoo hoo!

He gave me another kiss, then moved his tongue down my chest, over my dick, and onto my anus.

He rimmed me.

That in itself was magical. Nerves I never knew I had were firing. I was feeling sensations I had never felt before. I was in heaven.

And, things were just getting started in my anal lesson.

I sort of knew what to expect because he had given me an overview.

It wasn’t going to be ram and jam. That would be horrible for someone brand new to anal. He wanted it to be special.

I’ll always remember him because he was so thoughtful.

He also taught me that communication during sex is so important. People have a better time when everyone knows what is working well and what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to tell your man to hit that spot a little more, use more pressure there, less over here, hit that, yes baby!

Talking is sexy when you are guiding your man to your erotic pleasure zones.

If his tongue feels great on your cinnamon donut, let him know that. He’ll keep doing what make you feel great if you tell him. Otherwise, he might not know what is making your feel so good.

I’ve spent what has seemed like hours rimming someone who was enjoying it. I didn’t want to stop because he didn’t want me to stop. I had so much pleasure making him feel good.

A nice ass is a thing of beauty to be admired and appreciated. I like showing my appreciation with my tongue, if my partner enjoys and wants that.

I love it so much, I like to share the experience.

After getting me used to the idea of things approaching and entering my ass, my man gently inserted his pinky into my anus after squirting a lot of lube.

I always want lots of lube. When in doubt, use more than you think because I like it to be slippery when anything is going into my ass. If it’s a dildo, vibrator, finger or cock, get me lubed up to make it super pleasurable for me.

I’ll be your best friend if you do so. I’ll even swallow your cum, if you like that because you’ve been so thoughtful, sexy.

He got my sphincter used to being infiltrated. Since it was my first time, it was a blast of new sensations. I felt myself shiver in bliss. I was feeling sexual energy running through body making me super hard and excited.

I was loving being loosened up with more and more fingers gently getting everything ready for my first anal sex.

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Feeling beautiful and special

AFTER BEING PROPERLY TRAINED, my guy asked me if I was ready to feel his cock in my ass. I was already feeling the rush of dopamine and oxytosin making me feel like I was floating. I love anything sexual because it gives me a nice natural high. I am not a sex addict, but I know that I could easily become one if I am not careful because I love the feeling it gives me.

I felt my man’s hard cock on my ass cheek. It was a little hello tap or two to let me know to get ready for some fun.

My first time.

A nice cock.

Not too big.

Not too small.

A great guy who was teaching me and getting me ready to give him pleasure while he was pleasuring me.

I felt the pressure of his penis pushing its way into my ass. I always love that initial push. Even when I play with toys, that’s the part that always makes me squirm. It’s a reason why anal beads are so fun to pull out.

That pop pop pop feeling as each bead comes out of my anal sphincter fills me up with pleasure.

That feeling is spiritual to me. It is feeling at ease and loved and safe and happy and just content all at once.

That’s what I was feeling as my man was slowly pushing in, then withdrawing, then pushing in a little more, then pulling out. He was making my ass dilate so it would be ready for him to go in deep and press on my prostate and other pleasure zones.

It felt great just at the initial stages of having things appearing my insides. Once fingers and cocks were inside pressing on my nerve endings and pleasure zones, time stood still and I was just there in the moment enjoying life, love, and great sex.

I was really excited at that point, so I ended up cumming all over myself and my man. It was pretty hot. These days, I love having a guy cum on my breasts. I like to clean myself up with my fingers and lick them clean.

I also love licking my own cum off of my hands if I’m jerking off or cumming. I love eating cum.

My first anal sexual experience was so hot.

I’ve loved every experience I’ve had sense. I’ve always made sure to let the guy know what works with me and how to get me excited and feeling good.

I also promise to lick his cock clean afterward.

I’m freaky like that.

Thanks for reading, sexy people!

I love feed back, especially on anything that gives me pleasure to write.

This story has kept me feeling great all afternoon as I have been writing it.

I’m feeling pretty excited.

My nipples are hard.

My second puberty is in full effect.

Parts of me that had been asleep in my 40s are coming back alive.

I’m feeling new things every day.

And, sex is a brand new adventure every time I had it.

Even making out is a sensual explosion of bliss these days.



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