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One Night With A Sexy Reader

One Night with a Sexy Reader

Is this fact or fiction? A classy non-binary person never tells.

Me, I’m a non-binary sex goddess. Photo by Chris.

Fan appreciation taken to a new level?

LOVE SEXY SAPIOSEXUALS. The people who read and write on this site are always stimulating to me. There is nothing better than a great brain to get all my sexy juices flowing. Now that I’m getting close to the point of no-return in my transitioning, I’m feeling more and more sexual feelings every day.

If you give me great brain, I’ll maybe give you some great brain also! I’m not a total slut, so I don’t suck off every guy I meet, but you never know if you are able to impress me.

Every day, I read something sexy written with sensual and intelligent crafting that makes me want to share my stories as well.

Thanks to Meaghan Ward for her story about the best blowjobs she has given for inspiring me to write my story here.The Hottest Blowjobs I Ever Gave
They all had one thing in common…

Medium groupies?

One day, I got a nice fan email from a reader via my website contact form. He who will remain nameless, but who knows who he is, wrote me a very nice message. I always appreciate receiving love notes electronically, even if I don’t know the person just yet.

Maybe they’ll get a chance to know me?

You can never tell.

It turns out my fan was in my area.


I love writing sexy notes to friends and new friends where ever they might be. But, when they are nearby, it is eve better because we can get together to do some fun things, like catch a band some place or cuddle watching a movie or just knowing we’re close to each other should we want to meet up.

I’ve read that proximity and availability are key factors in relationships. This one happened to work out just right!

Photo by Bianca Berg on Unsplash

Let’s go out and meet each other

WE DECIDED TO GO GRAB SOME COFFEE, because I love a good cup of caffeine to get me revved up even more than I get when I’m first meeting someone.

Dopamine, a little anxiety, mystery, the sense that things could turn into a porn movie at some point in the night are always stimulating to me.

When I go out, I don’t always look to make it an amateur porn night, but it usually turns out that way. They say you attract the people who are just like you. I seem to always attract sexy and horny guys. It works for me, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and hope all you sexy guys out there enjoy it.

Maybe we’ll get to meet up sometime and you can show me your sexiness.

Coffee and creme?

COFFEE ALWAYS needs cream and sugar. After spending some time drinking some coffee and just feeling the chemistry build between each other, I decided that it was time to see if my new friend wanted to play.

I always know the answer if a guy wants me. They always get what a friend of mine calls “sex eyes.” I love seeing sex eyes on a guy. The raw animalistic feeling of being lusted after. Knowing that you are making a guy hard.

It makes me start to leak out pre-cum. Now that I’m on hormones, I am getting hornier after a fairly long dry spell. It’s a nice feeling to be out talking with a man and feeling my little clitty get excited.

I’m bite sized, but it still gets excited. I’m glad the hormones have increased my sexual desire. I feel like I did when I was when I was a teenager. But, it’s different. I don’t need to jerk off all the time. But, I do get the warm and fuzzy love or lust or passion feeling flowing through me. Sexy guys do that to me.

If you brush against my arm or put your hand on the small of my back, I’ll swoon in joy.

I was ready to get my man’s cock in my mouth. I could tell he was excited because I had reached over and touched his leg and asked him how he was doing. I slid a little closer and whoops, my hand brushed up against his hard cock in his jeans.

I gave him a little kiss on his cheek and asked him if he wanted to get out of there. I said I wanted some cream to go with my coffee.

He said “Yes, ma’am!”

Sometimes we’re so excited we can’t get home

NEEDED THAT COCK IN MY MOUTH. I was feeling all excited, warm, flush with passion. I wanted to feel his passion. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted him to explode in my mouth. I wanted to swallow him. I wanted him to be a part of me. I just wanted him in me at the moment. When I feel the need, it’s urgent. Most guys understand and are willing to satisfy that urge. My guy was no different.

We were in his pickup truck, so there was plenty of room to fool around. He moved his center console out of the way. The windows were tinted. It was already dark because the winter sun had already set early in the afternoon. It was cold enough and we were parked far enough away from other cars that we could fool around without worrying about putting on a show.

Sometimes, it’s fun to put on a show, but that’s a story for another time. Stay tuned, my sexy readers. I love to tell stories and you’ll read that one soon.

He unzipped his jeans and his big cock popped out over the top of his briefs. I smiled and told him he was sexy and that I love his cock. And, I meant it. I love all cocks. Large and small. I don’t discriminate when it comes to pleasing someone. I also love licking vagina as well. And, I’ll tell you about the times I’ve had pure ecstasy rimming a trans woman at a party in another story.

His cock was ready for my mouth. I lightly licked the head and tasted his sweet pre-cum. I love pre-cum. I love knowing I’ve made a guy excited. It makes me excited knowing that. It makes me feel so good. All my sex chemicals start flowing even more as soon as I get a little sweet pre-cum on my tongue. I am not a sex addict, I don’t think, but cum is my drug of choice. It makes me high to taste it, play with it, feel it on my body, feel it in me and swallow it to make it part of me.

I like knowing that I’ve received a part of you inside of me that will become a part of me. It’s beautiful to know that you’ll always be a part of me in some way. Either physically, or mentally, you’ve added to me in some way. I love all my lovers for this reason. You all are so beautiful. I’m feel orgasmic just thinking this and writing this now.

I loved having his cock in my mouth. I like taking it all the way in as far as it can go. I always think guys want to be deep throat-ed. I don’t want to gag for too long, but I like to gag just a little if my man gets excited by that.

I felt his hand on the back of my head gently guiding me deeper and deeper on his hard cock. I felt it deeper and deeper in my throat. How far down will it go? I get excited because I can feel him getting even more excited. I feel his hardness. I taste the pre-cum. I can hear him moan. I love making my man happy, even if he’s just my man for a few hours. I understand that and appreciate being able to make you happy.

I love the moment right before a guy cums

I love the moment before a guy cums. I can feel him start to tremble a little bit and hold back. He wants to last a little longer so that pleasure doesn’t stop. It’s the final second before cum spurts out into my mouth that is magical to me. I love it. It makes me feel loved. Or, lusted after. I’ve made a guy cum. I’ve made him happy. I’ve given him a rush of chemicals that makes him feel great for a little while after.

I love having a mouthful of cum. Tasting it and swallowing it. Even if it isn’t as sweet as the pre-cum, I don’t care. It is my special treat. I love tasting all sorts of cum. It makes me feel like I’m a special trans woman. It makes me happy to know that I’m sexually exciting.

My guy shot his load in my mouth. I smiled and was swallowing it slowly. I like to savor it in my mouth. Guys who have watched a lot of porn like to see it drip out of my mouth. I’m always happy to put on a little show.

He leaned over to kiss. I love it when my man wants to kiss and taste his own cum. I kissed him and gave him some of his sperm to taste. We are now equals in our oral sex play because we’ve both shared the fruit of our sexual activity. It’s one of the most sexiest things a man can do. I love kissing. I love kissing a mouth full of cum. It just adds to the pleasure.

It seemed like hours, but I’m sure the time had gone by faster than it seemed. I never keep track of time, but it was time for us to go because the windows were getting foggy from playing in the truck. I know my guy wanted to go home and get some rest. I was cool with that. I feel the same way after getting a load or two of cum in my mouth. It makes me want to go home, get naked and dream about the good sex I just had.

We kissed one more time after he zipped up. We’ll meet again soon and I’ll drink some more of his cum.

When I was younger, I didn’t like playing in cars, but trucks are a different story. Maybe we can find a nice quiet place out in the countryside one of these days so I can suck him dry in the majesty of natural beauty.

I might have to make friends with someone who has some farm land so we can play without worry.

If you like what I’ve written, give me some feedback. It makes me excited to hear from readers. If you catch my fancy, maybe we can make our own story to be featured here. Or, if you more of the private kind, we can just keep it as our own special moment.

Send me a love note!




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