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Play With My Nipples!

It always gets me hot!

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I love nipple play

Meaghan Ward writes a great piece on nipple play that inspired me to share my wholehearted encouragement for more nipple play.

A good nipple play session always gets me hot.

I love having my nipples gently pinched, played with, suckled and sometimes clamped. I like doing self-nipple play, but it’s always better when I have a partner who loves playing with my nipples.

Especially, if he or she is into suckling them. It’s so intimate and so stimulating to me.

I need to find me someone who wants to suck on my nipples because I always enjoy a good make-out and nipple play session. It’s erotic, but also almost wholesome like making out.

After all, it’s only second base!

In Nipples Are For Playing With, Meagan Ward tells us why nipple play is so important to incorporate into your sex play:

Nipples can sometimes be neglected during sex, which is a damn shame because they have thousands of nerve endings that help stimulate your brain for sex, as well as your clitoris if you really get going with playing with them.

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Your man likes nipple play

Your man probably enjoys nipple play.

Give it a try sometime.

Ask him if he likes it when you gently caress his nipples.

Maybe run your tongue over them to see how he reacts.

Lightly kiss them.

Gently squeeze them.

Lightly caress them.

Cup his breasts, if he has larger pecs.

Pretend like you are breast feeding from him, if he likes that kind of play.

I’ve found if you ask, guys are usually ready to try something new like having their nipples sucked, if they already aren’t into it.

If you don’t ask, you might be missing out on a way to get your guy super excited.

You should be able to tell if he’s having a good time when you are playing with his sexy nipples, but always ask since it makes the experience even hotter.

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Communicate for erotic nipple play

Communication is the key to all great erotic play, so don’t feel ashamed to ask if your sex partner likes something done a certain way or how he or she is feeling.

Getting feedback is always a good thing to making sure everyone is having a good time and is feeling their best.

I have observed from the times I’ve played with a man’s nipples, they have always enjoyed it. I always ask how they want them played with since everyones nipples are sensitive in different ways.

One time, I had a guy go to town on my nipples and leave bruises. It was hot and I enjoyed it, but that might not be for everyone. And, sometimes my nipples are extra sensitive these days, so I might need some gentleness rather than something more strenuous happening to my breasts.

It is always important to ask the men and women when you are playing with their nipples to help guide you on what feels good at any particular time. Their pleasure is your pleasure.

Nipple orgasms are real for me

I know since I’ve started HRT, my nipples are super sensitive.

I can brush against something accidentally and it will give me a nice tingle that makes me excited.

If I massage them, I can really get myself going.

In fact, I can orgasm from a good nipple massage these days because of the way my hormones are causing me to feel. I’m loving my second puberty so far! Way better than my first one because I have so much more knowledge.

I probably shouldn’t have told my secret and let it be a surprise, but it’s too good to not share with you, dear reader. It’s my way of showing love.

Now go play with some nipples

Go forth and multiply, or just have some great sex with your favorite partner, or maybe a new one. Or, just get to second base, since that’s always safer sex.

Ask him or her, or them, if you are into group activities, if they want their nipples played with.

Volunteer your nipples, if you want the same.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

And, see if you can experience some nipple orgasms yourself or in others as you have some erotic fun.

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