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Sex Dances At The Lap Dance Club


Lap dances at the sex club

Giving lap dances led to a hot night of sex and fun

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I remember my guy friends always lamenting that there weren’t any strip clubs with transgender women in the area. I agreed. It would be very hot to have a place where guys and trans women could get together for some mutual admiration.

Now, there was no way that a transgender strip club would ever get approval from the city leaders. Regular strip clubs were always a fight to get approved. And, they had to be way out on the industrial side of town miles away from anything.

That probably made our little club extra special. Like an Al Capone era speakeasy. For whatever reason — maybe the First Amendment — swingers’ clubs were acceptable. A swingers’ joint was discretely set up, charged a high admissions fee to keep the clientele upscale, and had private security to keep everyone safe and reduce any issues.

Inside the club, it was like a regular night club. Flashing lights, disco balls, large screen televisions for playing various videos and mood graphics. It was a fun, upscale place. Having the high admission fee kept it that way.

It was my first night at the club after getting it up and running and having some soft openings to make sure everyone knew what they were doing. There was no alcohol — that was a requirement to keep everyone happy. There was a juice and water bar set up since people like to keep hydrated. When they are watching sexy women dancing, they need something to do with their hands.

I was out visiting with the patrons making sure they were having a good time. It was the perfect job. Like having my own little party with a lot of admirers. The party was co-ed, so women were invited as well. Sometimes they’d come out to visit. Bachelorettes loved coming to transgender clubs.

I was wearing my fishnet stockings with a garter belt, a lacy black bra, and a nice form fitting black dress that barely covered the bottom of my derriere. I felt sexy as hell. The sex was dripping off of me.

If the guys got lucky, I might jump up on the stage and do a strip tease. I know they wanted to see my titties and ass shaking to some sultry music.

I liked wandering around and chatting with all the guys. Sexy guys are always were excited. I could tell when they’d stand up to give me a hug. I always love feeling their hard dick standing at attention when they put their arms around me and gave me a quick hello kiss.

The guys were always sexy as hell. I love all of them. The big guys, the short guys, the quiet ones, the older gentlemen, the 20-something junior executives, the working men. All of them are beautiful in their own ways. And I could tell they all wanted me. Or, me and another trans woman together. It made me so hot to be in a place where there were so many guys who were into me and my trans sisters.

I ran into Mike who is a good friend of mine when I was out and about checking to make sure everyone was happy. He stood up and I saw his cock was pointing straight at me through his pants. I felt electricity travel up and down my spine. My body started heating up thinking about Mike’s thick cock and how good it would taste in my mouth. If he was good, I might even let Mike fuck me in the ass. I love having his dick in me. I wanted to taste his cum. I needed to feel him in me.

“Hi sexy Mike!” I said to him as I hugged him confirming his massive cock was excited and ready for some fun.

“Mx. Juicy, you are looking as lovely as ever,” he whispered as he gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek. I love when a man does that.

I told Mike that I wanted to make sure he had a good night tonight. I turned to go check on some other guys who had come in, but I looked over my shoulder to make sure he knew I wanted him later.

I went around the room greeting and being a sweet and sexy hostess. Making sure everyone was happy and that they were tipping the trans women who were on the stage dancing. If you don’t tip the dancers, they won’t stick around. So if you like seeing sexy women shaking their asses, show them you appreciate their art.

It was fun, but I needed a little break. I went over to the juice bar and got a bottle of water. Keeping hydrated keeps a girl’s skin nice and great looking, so I always made sure to drink a lot of water. Also, it was good to keep hydrated for the fun I had in mind with Mike a little later in the night after work. I might play with Mike some in the club, but I wanted to have him spend a long hard night with me afterward.

The club offers lap dances in another room off to the side of the stage. Guys always like going in with a dancer or two and feeling like a king. I liked grinding my ass on a guy’s pants and feeling his cock get harder and harder. Then I’d flip around and rub my breasts right across his face. I always love that. And, I can always feel the guys appreciating the show.

Since we were in a swingers’ club, it wasn’t like a regular strip club. People can have sex if they feel like it and have a consenting partner. I loved watching guys get excited having a lap dance, then going over to the play room to strip down and have some fun on the king sized beds.

I was grinding on a sexy businessman who was in town for a convention and having a great time. I could feel his dick stiffing up as I rubbed my ass up and down his legs. I love feeling a hard cock against my panties. Sex is always exciting, but sometimes the foreplay and theatrics of a lap dance make me extra horny. It might be the tease aspect of it. Just because I’m giving them a lap dance and they want to fuck my brains out doesn’t mean I going to have sex with them. I’m just putting on a sexy show at that moment in time. But, if they get lucky, they might just have the night of their life.

It’s the yearning and not knowing that makes it ultra sexy. If you’re easy, then guys aren’t as interested. If you throw off pheromones and your body screams “fuck me” but they don’t know if they’ll be able to, it drives them insane with desire. I love getting a guy that I want to have sex with me all fired up like that. The sex is always intense. I always get filled with a lot of cum. We are both always happy. It’s a little game, but a fun one. It always makes guy cum harder when they feel like they’ve accomplished something. And, I’m a special woman. There aren’t many like me. They need to realize I’m a treasure. If they treat me like a queen, I’ll make sure they know they are my king.

Now, if we are in a relationship things will be different. I might jump your bones when you come home from work to give you a surprise blow job when you come in the door. That’s the kind of woman I am. I like to make sure my man knows he’s appreciated. I’ll kneel down as soon as you’re in the door and ask you if you need your dick emptied as a reward for working so hard. When I hear you say yes, I’ll unbuckle your belt, pull your sexy ass dick out of your briefs and flick my wet tongue on it. I’m a little tease like that. Plus, I know you’re already excited, so I love tasting your sweet precum. That’s the best when it is first coming out because I’m getting you excited. I love tasting my man like that. Putting my tongue right on that little bead of precum. That’s the best. It makes me so horny knowing you’re coming home after work. I know I’ll get to suck your sexy cock.

If we an get past the front door without giving the neighbors a fun show, I’ll have you come into the living room. I love sitting on the couch and having you stand right at my face with your dick at attention. Right at my mouth level. It’s the best for getting things started. I love feeling your hand gently guide my head onto your cock. Just a little to show you’re my alpha man.

Being in this position make me so hot because I can rub one of my nipples while you rub the other one. My other hand is on your taint. I know the right spot to push to drive you wild because it presses up against your prostate. If you’re a lucky guy — which you will be because I’m a magical woman — I’ll ask you if you want me to give you a prostate exam. I know you love those. I love them also because you always cum so hard when I put the right pressure right on your sacred spot.

I have always thought anything anal was spiritual. I’ve had my best orgasms through anal sex. And, once I get you all hot and excited, we’ll move up to the bed room so you can lube me up and fuck me like you have been wanting to all day. I know because I’ve been texting you nudes all day and you’ve been taking shots of your dick in the company bathroom to show me how much you enjoy them.

I don’t always like dick pics, but I love your cock. I always enjoy seeing it, licking it, touching it, holding it, having it sliding in and out of me. Knowing you will fill me with your sexy sperm. I love feeling your hot cum shooting into my ass. I love feeling it drip out later on when we are done and are just cuddling. It makes me feel so close and bonded to you.

I really need to get laid. I need a nice cock to give some loving attention to. Just spend a couple of hours sucking on it. Getting you close to the edge of cumming, then backing off so we can enjoy each other for a little longer. Then bringing your to the brink of climax. Feeling you tense up as your cock is in my mouth and my tongue is swirling on your head. Then slowing it down. This is like a great ice cream cone. I want to savor and enjoy and taste it for as long as I can before it explodes in my mouth feeding me what I so desire. You’re hot salty, buttery cum. I can tell you’ve been eating pineapple because I can taste the sweetness. Or, is that because you’re such a tasty guy. I always love eating your sperm. It makes me feel so good. And, happy.

Sometime after a great fuck session and having swallowed a couple of loads of your hot cum and getting a load or two in my ass, I feel like I’m drunk on love. I’m floating knowing that you are feeling so good and making me feel so sexy. The connection between you and me is so great. We are so close. And I have part of you inside me always. When I eat your sperm, it makes me happy that you will be part of my body. You are a lucky man. And, I’m a lucky woman.

One of these days, sexy we’ll have to spend a long weekend just in bed with me working your dick and making sure you are the happiest guy on earth. Me bobbing my head up and down on your beautiful hard cock. I don’t care if it’s long or short, average, small or large. If it is attached to you, baby, I like it. I like your cock because it’s you. I always love having it in my mouth. Feeling you get excited as I touch you and lick your head, and take you into my hungry mouth. You are so sexy. I love sucking your cock so much. You make me happy and I love tasting your precum and knowing I’ll get a big load in me after a while. I always love making your happy and making sure that you are satisfied.

I’m a cool woman too. If you want to play at the sex club, I am okay with that. Or have a group of your friends come over. I’m freaky like that. But, if you want to be monogamous, I’m cool with that as well. I love making you happy. And, I expect you to make me happy to. But, I know that you always do because you are so kind and considerate. I choose to be with you, so that makes it even hotter. Since there are so many guys out in the world, and you are the one with me, you know you are special.

Right now you are very special. I have your dick in my mouth again. I am loving deep throating you, baby. I love feeling your hardness go deeper into my throat. You are the perfect size for me. My nipples are so hard having your cock in my mouth. My panties are all wet from my precum dripping out. I am loving the way estrogen makes my body tingle when you touch me. I can feel our energy fields tangle into one when we are close. I feel your body heat and smell your manly cologne.

I am so hot for you baby. I want your cock in my ass tonight when we are getting ready to fall asleep. It makes me feel good to be fucked right before bed. It always makes me feel relaxed and loved. And, I know it makes you feel so good too. I want you to sleep well right next to me, handsome man. We can spoon all night. And, if you want me to suck you again in the morning, just ask me, baby. I am down for taking care of my man’s needs.

I forgot all about the club because we snuck away my sexy man. I know the other women locked everything up and will take care of things. I am so happy I’m in bed with you. I forgot all about Mike. It’s just you and me, honey. I love your cock so much and I’m glad you shared it with me and fed me your tasty seed.

If I had the ability to get pregnant, I’d want you to give me a baby. But, since I can’t, just having your cock inside me is enough to make me feel so great and loved.

You are a special guy and I’m so glad I know you. If you want to fuck again, just let me know sexy. I’m always horny for you.

Tell me how much you liked this, sexy. Leave me a love note or two. I always love hearing from you.




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