Last Days of Summer Loving

Let’s get hot and sweaty during these last days of summer, sexy!

I keep seeing you there on your balcony as I arrive home at our apartment complex.

You’re always giving me a big smile. You always say hello. I feel a tingle in my body when you smile at me.

You in all of your sexy glory.

I’m glad you decided to come over. I saw you holding your drink and thought to myself I’d love one too.

And, I’d love to have some of your sexy cock.

Come over sexy.

Stand in front of me so I can unzip your jeans.

I love a large and strong man like you.

And, I love seeing your excitement.

I can tell you’re having fun. Your dick is pointing straight at me. Right at my mouth.

I’m a horny trans woman. I love pleasing you. I love making you excited. I love making you hot. And, hard.

You make me feel so great. I hope you know that.

My nipples are getting harder with you here near me. Our hormones are mixing to to bring me to ecstasy.

I can see you’re dripping with excitement. You know how that makes me feel. I can’t wait to taste your sexiness on my tongue.

Let me feel your sexy ass while I take you into my mouth. I love it when you thrust inward probing deep into my throat.

I know it makes you horny, so I love it when you do your deep dive giving me all of your sexy shaft.

I love coming up for air and looking you in the eyes as I’m down below licking your manhood. I can see your smile and it makes me so excited. I feel the warm waves flowing through my body. My nipples are pert. I’m so excited to be pleasing my man.

I want to get you nice and hard. I love feeling your cock swell into something huge and powerful. I know you like it too because you always come back for more head. I’m always glad you do.

I want you to feed me your dick when ever you want. Feed me your sexiness so that I feel so sexy myself.

I love getting you rock solid so that you can stick your glory into my ass later on. But, I want to drink your cum while we’re getting ready for that point. I love your pre-cum. I think you already know that, but whatever you’re doing is making it taste like nectar to me. I can keep slurping your diamond drips all day while we are making our way to explosive orgasms for both of us.

What do you like the most, sexy?

My mouth or my ass?

Or, do you like them both equally?

I’ll have to remember to ask you when my mouth isn’t filled with your penis.

Time stands still when we’re together. You in my mouth. Me feeling so beautiful and sexy. I know you’re feeling like a rock star yourself. You have someone worshiping your gorgeous dick and wanting to suck every drop of cum out of it.

I love feeling your strong ass as you have your cock in my mouth. I know you’ve been working out. You guide me with your hand on my head, but I like guiding you in our sensual dance when I pull your pelvis closer to me. We have our wordless communication via our physicality and chemistry. It makes me excited to commune in this way.

It’s like our two minds have melded together and have become one for this glorious moment in time when we can just enjoy loving each other’s sexiness. We can revel in the beauty of our sexuality. In our erotic spirits.

I feel you are getting close to giving me what I’ve been wanting since the last time I had your sexy cock in my mouth. I can read your body. I feel your muscles contracting. You’re getting ready to reward me with a huge load.

Fill my mouth with all of your cum.

We have the rest of the day for you to recharge.

I want to taste your sublime fluids.

I want you to shoot it on my face and my breasts as well.

Shoot some on my ass, also.

I want to wipe it off with my hands, then lick them clean. I know how excited that makes you. It makes me excited as well to put on a little show like that.

Plus, I really do enjoy sucking your cock. I love tasting your sperm. I want to encouraging you to keep cumming in me, sexy.

It makes me feel like a porn star when I’m swallowing cum. And, covered in it. Just a normal amount. For now. Maybe sometime in the future we can get some of your friends to come over and cum all over and in me also. That thought is making me feel so hot right now.

Pinch my nipples gently, sexy. My breasts are feeling the effects my hormones. Having sex with you is making them circulate. They are reaching all of the right spots.

Remember, we’re not done yet.

I want to get you recharged so you can slip your big dick into my ass and give me some loving. I love that first moment when I feel your lubed cock pushing into my ass. It is pure joy feeling the pressure, then feeling it slide into my erotic zone.

I love that we’re both tested because I love getting fucked without condoms. I’m not against using condoms, but there is something so relaxing feeling my ass filled with cum after a good fucking. I love hugging afterward and feeling it drip out of me.

And, I know you always hit me in the right spots to make me feel so great. Some of the best sex I’ve had has been when you’ve been fucking me from behind. It’s almost spiritual. It puts me into another plane of existence.

My mind clears and I just feel the pleasure. Warmth flows through my body. I feel carefree. I admit it gives me a sense of what heaven might be like. Just feeling at one with someone. Feeling my joy. Feeling you joy. Knowing we’re making each other feel so great.

I love how you always ask me if you’re in the right spots and using the right amount of pressure and speed.

I love taking it slow and working up to the explosion of your cum in me. I want the build up to last for as long as you can keep it going before you release your warm cum inside me.

It’s the journey that is what I always remember.

The climax is always fun, but it is all of the feelings during the time that we are working up to me feeling your cum squirt into me.

I love that you hit me in the right spots as well to make sure I cum as well. You’ve always been great about knowing where I need your cock to roam to make sure that I’m cumming when we’re fucking.

We are so in tune with each other’s bodies. That makes feeling your hot cock inside me extra enjoyable. It’s the extra edge that you have over some of my other lovers. You aren’t in a hurry or selfish. You want to please me because you know I love pleasing you. I love taking your cum inside me and you show your appreciation for me by being aware of what I need to feel so sexy.

That’s why I always will welcome your cock in my mouth and my ass, sexy.

You are a stud because you pay attention to pleasing me as much as I do to please you.

Keep coming back, handsome!

Originally published in Red Curtain Erotica.

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